Eid: Day 2

It’s 9:22 in the morning and the house is so silent. I’ve been up since 5:00 in the morning and it’s a wonderful feeling – being awake early in the morning after a good night’s sleep. My nani is watching tv in her room and Aboo is painting, other than that, not a soul in sight. Have Eid things to do later (you know, visiting and dressing up and all that) but right now I can read, blog, listen to music and basically, enjoy my own company.

I guess it’s boring for someone else to read about the above reflections on my enjoyment of solitude but I’m pretty content at the moment and don’t particularly care. Most people don’t understand my wish to be left alone sometimes (including my fiance). It has nothing to do with anything I might like to do. Even if I’m sitting, mooning around and doing nothing at all it clears up my head and restores some semblance of sanity to a world that is, for some reason, standing on its head. But how do you explain that to someone? And if somebody asks me “why” for stuff like this, the mere thought of explaining it makes me tired and cranky.

Sometimes, you just wish people would leave you alone without making a big deal out of it and asking tonnes of damn questions!


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